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Time Tracking / Job Management

  • Technicians and freelancers enter time spent on a Job.
  • Add notes, pictures, videos.
  • Change Job Status accordingly.
  • Accrue multiple time entries for one Job, with a snapshot view of total time spent on a given Job.

Schedule and Dispatch Jobs / Projects / Tasks

  • Easily input new jobs from the web portal or mobile app.
  • Assign a new job to a technician or freelancer in your group.
  • Push notifications to technicians’ mobile app with pertinent Job information.
  • Edit Job information or re-assign to a different technician.
  • Push notifications for any edits made.
  • Direct access to google maps for easy location mapping.
  • Direct access to contact phone to call or text with any updates.
  • Auto Populate Customer information after a Customer has been entered once.
  • Set Priority Levels.
  • Set preferred deadline date / time for the Job.


  • Easily see all Jobs basic information.
  • Easily filter and sort Job's in Dashboard View by: alphabet, date entered, deadline date, technician, status, etc.

Technician Time Tracking / Management

  • Reconcile total time billed for a Job vs. total time technicians log as spent on a Job.
  • Reconcile total logged time per technician per day.
  • Reconcile total logged time per technician per week.
  • Time = Money. Is all your Time getting billed?

Dispatchers and Technicians

  • Add and remove dispatchers and technicians.

A quick glance


Before FIXO, I had no idea if we were billing our customers the full time our techs were spending on a job. Now I can reconcile that time, and we've picked up a lot of money that was being left on the table.

John S

FIXO is so simple. No fuss. It just works. It does exactly what I need and doesn't require any setup time. Open the account and actually start using it immediately.

Adam A

With FIXO, our service dispatch went from emails and phone calls, to a centralized dashboard. No more missing eta's or forgetting to send an address to a tech. We've become so efficient now!

Graeme B

We started using FIXO to keep track of the status of service jobs. But now, we also use a nice little feature to check total hours each technician has billed for the week. Now we have a weekly record of any overtime hours to pay out to our techs.

Jose A

Get Fixo Today


FIXO is a web and mobile application that facilitates easy entry of and time management of service jobs, projects, or tasks, which can be assigned to individual technicians or freelancers within a company group.
FIXO can be used by an individual to track time spent on jobs, projects, or tasks whether they are entered and assigned or manually entered each time there is time to be logged.
Simply send a FIXO invite from your logged in account on the FIXO website to the email address of the technician. The technician(s) will need to install the mobile app and create their own login credentials. Because the invite came from you, they will be associated with your group and you will be able to assign jobs to them.
In the Menu, go to Technicians. Click the trash can, then confirm removal. Removing the technician will deny the technician access to FIXO job history that the once had access to. However prior job entries and logged time entries for this technician will not be removed. You will still have access to this old data.
All payment and plan information must be accessed and updated via the web portal. Simply follow the prompts to complete and new credit card updates.
Of course! We are happy to assist you with any questions you have. Please note, depending on time of day and volume of calls, we may need to get back to you. We strive to return every call and email with 24 hrs.